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With the family in Formentera: A ride through nature

Formentera is an ecological paradise that is an excellent summer school for your children. It has the beautiful landscapes, rural roads, ponds and cliffs of a Mediterranean island that you will love. Have you ever ridden a horse? Do not worry because the inexperienced will also be able to ride around the island. In our article today we tell you how to enjoy a family horseback ride in Formentera.

Mirador de Formentera :: Foto de ScriS -

Mirador de Formentera :: Foto de ScriS –

Even if it may be hot, you better forget about sandals, shorts and skirts, put on long and resistant trousers and wear appropriate shoes.

You can get to the port when leaving Ibiza. It is no doubt, a pleasant stroll along the most commercial route of the island. At the end, a Aquabus Ferry Boat will be waiting to take you to a low-cost trip to Formentera.

The journey is quiet and costs from 14 Euros for children under 13 years, to 29 Euros for adults (price for a return trip on the same day). During the trip there is an audio-guide that will explain you significant events and fun facts from both islands.

Upon arrival to Formentera, you will find a truly paradisiacal island. The horse ride from the Estany des Peix will not require much effort as it is relatively close to the port.

Riding experiences usually last one to two hours, and are normally limited to children over 8 years. The path of the ride is rather quiet and does not pose a serious danger to children. Let’s go horse riding in Formentera!

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