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AquaBus, the most affordable choice to discover Ibiza

Do not get dizzy with so much to calculate, Aquabus is an affordable service that will allow you to explore the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. With competitive prices and excellent customer service, their routes are the best way to navigate without losing the north… or money. Come on board! You can go from Ibiza […]

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Bring the family to Ibiza and enjoy with your children

Leaving aside the clichés around Ibiza as a destination where all you can find are clubs, parties, alcohol and pretty much free will, and leaving aside also that the island is a preferred destination for German, Italian, and English tourists; Ibiza has much more to offer and is actually an ideal destination for your family […]

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From Ibiza to Formentera, cheap, with Aquabus

Aquabus offers you one of the cheapest options to squeeze your visit to Formentera to the maximum. The excursion with this service includes a good service, a moderated speed, and a cheap price for the best connection between both islands.

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(Español) Ibiza en septiembre, aún mejor.

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Expend less money visiting Formentera from Ibiza: be smarter!

Is Ibiza your preferred destination? Why? Oh! Well sun, beautiful places, kind people, good food and clubs, parties everywhere and a touristic offer that always is better and better. But… What about Formentera? Do you know “her”? The sister island of Ibiza has much more to offer and you can discover it for the best […]

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(Español) Descubre un spa nuevo en Ibiza nueva cada día de la semana

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Let’s discover Ibiza again

During these days, since the end of the summer, the island of Ibiza is going to show the best in it: music, clubbing, beautiful people, amazing sunsets, parties and much more. The touristic offer of the island of Ibiza is a real business and it’s very well managed. Each year the proposals are different, even […]

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Low cost plans in Ibiza: Do you know what to do with 20 Euros?

Forget any idea about how expensive could be your holidays in Ibiza. Cheaper doesn’t mean worst, but it must mean smarter. Do you know any cheap plan in Ibiza? We do. Here you will have some advices to spend your summer vacations and squeeze it all.

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How to move Low Cost between Ibiza and Formentera

There are not many ways to move between the island of Ibiza and Formentera. Mainly you should do it with a boat. But there are different ways to do it and Aquabus Ferry Boats is a cheap, safe, and funny way to enjoy the beauty of both islands. If you decided to come to Ibiza […]

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Three hippy markets to enjoy with your family

Ibiza became a very popular island in the 60’s. During the end of the dictatorship of Franco, thousands of European visitors who were into the hippy movement in their countries brought to Ibiza a part of this wild spirit. They found in the local attitude a big compatibility. There’s no doubt, Ibiza people were really […]

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