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Bring the family to Ibiza and enjoy with your children

Leaving aside the clichés around Ibiza as a destination where all you can find are clubs, parties, alcohol and pretty much free will, and leaving aside also that the island is a preferred destination for German, Italian, and English tourists; Ibiza has much more to offer and is actually an ideal destination for your family […]

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(Español) Low-Cost para ir de Ibiza a Formentera: viaja tranquilo con Aquabus

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Archaeology in Formentera: The Sa Cala Walls

In the island of Formentera, in the middle of the Mediterranean orchard, you will find interesting archaeological remains. The first inhabitants of the island left an interesting trail to visit. Scroll to the highlands of La Mola. The high archaeological value of the area comprises up to nine discovered sites. Will there be any more […]

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From Ibiza to Formentera, cheap, with Aquabus

Aquabus offers you one of the cheapest options to squeeze your visit to Formentera to the maximum. The excursion with this service includes a good service, a moderated speed, and a cheap price for the best connection between both islands.

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(Español) Formentera y dos razones para quedarse en ella

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(Español) Descubre Formentera una y otra vez

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Aquabus is a low cost option to discover Ibiza and Formentera

Parties? Clubbing? Best discos in the whole Mediterranean Sea? Or do you prefer calm, beautiful beaches and a unique Mediterranean nature perfectly preserved? If you say both, then your best option to enjoy Ibiza and Formentera is Aquabus Low Cost Ferry.

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Discover Formentera pic by pic in Formentera Fotogràfica”

The Formentera city council and Francesc Fàbregas started the first photographic festival about Formentera. They pretend to convert this festival in a open window to understand the beauty of the most beautiful Balearic island: the subject: “Learn to look”.

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Low cost plans in Ibiza: Do you know what to do with 20 Euros?

Forget any idea about how expensive could be your holidays in Ibiza. Cheaper doesn’t mean worst, but it must mean smarter. Do you know any cheap plan in Ibiza? We do. Here you will have some advices to spend your summer vacations and squeeze it all.

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Aquabus Low Cost Ferry, a way to do it cheaper

Your holydays must be something good for you. Spending a lot of money you will have fun, but at the end the better moments in your life are priceless. So that’s Aquabus Ferry Boats propose to you. A priceless experience visiting the cultural Dalt Vila Wall, or the amazing caves of Ibiza.

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