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Diving in Formentera

The coast of the island of Formentera has one of the most transparent and full of life waters in the Mediterranean. Its reach and colorful seafloor, and its calmed waters, make it a perfect destination for both beginners and expert divers. Owning a prominent position in the list of Man and Biosphere assets of UNESCO […]

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From Ibiza to Formentera at low-cost

Aquabus Ferry Boats offers an affordable option for you to travel from Ibiza to Formentera, or from Formentera to Ibiza. However, you will also have the chance to enjoy complimentary services that will make your journey a pleasure. Mentioning low-cost usually means talking about low prices. Whilst this term became first known in the airline […]

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Formentera, is it the last Mediterranean Paradise?

Truly we can say the Paradise is closer than Heaven. Formentera has this charm, warm, and hippie ambience that will liberate you from stress. Are you in Ibiza? Take an Aquabus Ferry Boat and enjoy an unforgettable day on the island of Formentera.

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(Español) 5 curiosidades de la isla de Formentera para descubrir

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(Español) Descubre Formentera una y otra vez

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Let’s get naked in Formentera: nudism in paradise

Do you like nudism? Don’t? Ok, don’t worry Formentera is not an island where everybody is naked, but it has some of their great shores. Formentera lets you to be naked almost everywhere but Playa de Ses Illetes is almost the best one.

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(Español) Actividades en familia en Formentera: Haz un circuito verde

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A low cost idea to do in Formentera

Are you going to visit Formentera for your holidays? Well, this place has a unique environment who charms all the visitors. Some people say if you visit Formentera for one week you will love to stay for a second one, but if you stay a third week in there, it’s quite probably you will decide […]

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Squish in Formentera and Discover it all with Aquabus

Surrounded by the clearest water, Formentera is one of the most preferred destinies for nature lovers. Aquabus Low cost ferries offers you a unique experience to discover Formentera and, why not, squeeze al the juice of this beautiful island.

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Biking Formentera: A family way to live it up

Surrounded by azure waters we find the forests of the fantastic island of Formentera. Taking an Aquabus from Ibiza to its sister island, you can enjoy with your family for a great day in the middle of nature.

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