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Get information about Ibiza and Formentera and how to trip with low cost ferries between Ibiza, Figueretas, Playa d’En Bossa, San Miguel, and Portinatx.

‘Holidays in paradise’, the contest of the year

WIN A 4 DAY TRIP TO FORMENTERA FOR TWO PEOPLE DURING HOLY WEEK 2017. Show us that you deserve more than anyone some rest days in one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Write a creative comment in our Facebook post ‘HOLIDAYS IN PARADISE ‘ telling why you deserve to win this ‘super […]

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(Español) Ibiza en agosto: 5 planes para disfrutar en tus vacaciones

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Diving in Formentera

The coast of the island of Formentera has one of the most transparent and full of life waters in the Mediterranean. Its reach and colorful seafloor, and its calmed waters, make it a perfect destination for both beginners and expert divers. Owning a prominent position in the list of Man and Biosphere assets of UNESCO […]

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With the family in Formentera: A ride through nature

Formentera is an ecological paradise that is an excellent summer school for your children. It has the beautiful landscapes, rural roads, ponds and cliffs of a Mediterranean island that you will love. Have you ever ridden a horse? Do not worry because the inexperienced will also be able to ride around the island. In our […]

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AquaBus, the most affordable choice to discover Ibiza

Do not get dizzy with so much to calculate, Aquabus is an affordable service that will allow you to explore the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. With competitive prices and excellent customer service, their routes are the best way to navigate without losing the north… or money. Come on board! You can go from Ibiza […]

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Could you have a “low-cost” dinner in Ibiza?

The answer is yes, of course. But if you already think that it is going to mean venturing for dinning in fast-food restaurant, you are wrong. There are places that can satisfy your crave for local food as much as any other expensive restaurant, but yes, for less money.

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Bring the family to Ibiza and enjoy with your children

Leaving aside the clichés around Ibiza as a destination where all you can find are clubs, parties, alcohol and pretty much free will, and leaving aside also that the island is a preferred destination for German, Italian, and English tourists; Ibiza has much more to offer and is actually an ideal destination for your family […]

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Archaeology in Formentera: The Sa Cala Walls

In the island of Formentera, in the middle of the Mediterranean orchard, you will find interesting archaeological remains. The first inhabitants of the island left an interesting trail to visit. Scroll to the highlands of La Mola. The high archaeological value of the area comprises up to nine discovered sites. Will there be any more […]

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Ibiza, the island of the thousand islands

No doubt Ibiza is an island to discover. You should come if you have not, and if you have, you should definitely return. Ibiza is not experienced twice the same way, it has so much to discover and that is why it is the island of the thousand islands. Discover it with Aquabus Ferry Boats […]

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From Ibiza to Formentera at low-cost

Aquabus Ferry Boats offers an affordable option for you to travel from Ibiza to Formentera, or from Formentera to Ibiza. However, you will also have the chance to enjoy complimentary services that will make your journey a pleasure. Mentioning low-cost usually means talking about low prices. Whilst this term became first known in the airline […]

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