Wine tasting in Ibiza: wineries you can’t miss out on

The arrival of autumn in Ibiza is synonymous with peace and calm. Although the sun doesn’t shine as intensely, during this time of the year you won’t only be able to enjoy quieter and harmonious beaches, but also less crowded restaurants and shorter waiting times. Autumn also brings the harvest season, and as the year’s best winery bet, the wine from the Balearic Islands is climbing up the ladder to rank itself among the best Spanish wines thanks to the efforts of Ibizan winemakers.
The secret behind a good preparation of our “grape juice” is the weather. Ibizan wine was been recognised with the mention of “Wine from the Illes Balears land”, due to its own personality. You’ll be able to find the following grape variations on the island:

  • Whites: Aromatic Malvasía, Chardonnay, small-grain Moscatel, Moll, Moscatel from Alexandria, Macabeo, Viognier, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Parellada…
  • Blacks: Monastrell, Merlot, Syrah, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Fogoneu, Callet, Manto negro…
    Are you a wine fan? Then, we suggest a wine tasting tour through Ibiza, recommending a few wineries that are definitely worth knowing.

Sant Mateu d´Aubarca area

You should begin your wine tasting itinerary in Sant Mateu d’Aubarca area given that it’s the place on the island where most wine is produced. Discover the wineries of Sa Cova and Can Maymó. The former entails a gastronomic adventure reserved for true wine lovers. Being one of the most recognised wineries on the island, here you can find both individual and group tastings.
The latter, Can Maymó, is the Ibizan winery where you’ll identify the traditional flavours of the Ibizan countryside grape. This place has marketed the wine from the red and stony soil of Sant Mateu, crowning itself as one of the best when it comes to the production of both local and foreign grapes.

If you have enough time to visit the area, we also recommend you visit d’Aubarca cove, located very closely to these two wineries. This is a very authentic beach that offers a spectacular landscape in Es Amunts on the northern coast. Located at the foot of incredible cliffs, caves and islets, it’s a hidden cove for you to enjoy. Why not as you savour the best wine?

San Antoni de Portmany area

Following down San Antoni de Portmany, you should get to know another two highly recommended wineries: Can Rich de Buscastell where, besides their good wines, you’ll be able to taste their authentic virgin olive oil and diverse Ibizan herbs. Promoters of organic farming by combining tradition with the incredible advances of modern technology, they’ve achieved a fantastic result. And don’t forget Totem Wines and their famous Ibizkus: this winery elaborates red, rosé and white wines of exquisite taste with locally grown grapes. With eleven years at its back, this place usually ranks as the leader in the sale of wine products.

Take advantage of autumn evenings; Ibiza is a real luxury across all stations, but, contemplating the landscapes’ ocher colours as the leaves fall on the Ibizan vineyards is such a pleasant experience that you’ll only be able to enjoy it on the island. We’re waiting for you with a good glass of wine in our hands!