planes románticos en Ibiza

Romantic guide in Ibiza: 9 ideas to surprise your partner

Ibiza is one of the world’s favourite destinations for partying. The paradise of electronic music. However, it can also be the ideal place to enjoy different plans with your partner. In today’s post we propose some ideas to enjoy your love in Ibiza. Ready to be surprised?

1. Sunsets

At the top of our list are the sunsets. You will be able to contemplate incomparable sunsets from any point of the island. You are going to attend an incredible show!

2. Hanging Waterfalls

This is a completely impressive plan to surprise that special person. The truth is that it’s not a “low cost” plan at all, since the companies that offer it tend to be around 70 euros per person. But what is certain is that it is worth. This activity turns out to be a good idea if you want to surprise your partner: anniversary, birthday, report good news…

3. Secluded beaches

A simple plan can be very romantic if we propose it. You just have to pay attention to the details. A homemade picnic, a trip in a boat… The options are as wide as your own imagination. During the winter months the best thing is to visit those beaches that in high season are always full of tourists: you will enjoy spectacular natural sceneries practically for you alone.

4. Rain of Stars

From a lookout, from a terrace, from a paradise spot… Star rains do not need a letter of introduction. Certainly one of the most romantic things in the world.

5. A trip to Formentera

An almost virgin paradise with turquoise waters and white sand beaches. Formentera is one of the most ideal spots for a romantic getaway. Aquabus offers ferry excursions to Formentera. An ideal plan to surprise your partner without doing too much damage to your wallet.

6. Dinner for two

A must. In Ibiza there is a wide variety of restaurants for all palates and tastes. If you or your partner are vegetarian, vegan or lovers of a specific type of food, do not worry, on the island you will find the ideal place 100%.

7. Kayak under the moon

If you are brave, give your partner an experience like this. You can do it at night, as there are companies that offer this service specifically, or by day and take advantage of those rays of sunshine that feel so good.

8. Terraces with enchanting views

Ibiza is lucky enough to give you spectacular views from almost anywhere on the island where you are. An afternoon on a terrace is the perfect plan whether it’s summer or winter, to relax with your partner.

9. Walk & Ice Cream

A classic. In Ibiza you can find a great variety of home-made ice cream parlours. Here are a few: Vivi’s Creamery, Viccio, Gelato Ibiza… and many more.

And you? What do you plan to surprise your partner in Ibiza? We’ll wait for you in Ibiza!