Planning your wedding in Ibiza: 8 tips for your ‘Yes, I do!’

Planning a wedding isn’t easy at all. Your wedding day has to be something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Why not celebrate it in Ibiza? If you’re looking for a different and original wedding, in this post we suggest a series of tips for getting married in Ibiza.

1. When?

If most of you are from Ibiza, it’s best you don’t celebrate your wedding during the summer season given that july and august is when Ibizans have most work and, on top, it’s way too hot. The best tip for when you should celebrate your wedding in Ibiza: don’t choose to do it during high season if you don’t like overcrowdedness but enjoy good weather. The best months are May, June, September and October. If most of your guests come from abroad and you want the to take advantage of their trip, check out the calendar to see what long weekends or festivities fall on those dates.

2. Where?

Ibiza has so many options for celebrating your wedding. We suggest some of the amazing restaurants on the island’s beaches with incredible sunsets. We can’t suggest just some… There’s tons! Compare them and choose whichever one you like best.

3. An Ibiza-style wedding?

If it’s going to be an Ibiza-style wedding, does everyone have to dress in white? This is up to you: you can choose for the dress code to be all white, in the purest Ibizan style, or you can choose for your guests to dress up as they would for a conventional wedding.

4. The wedding dress

Choosing the dress is the bride’s biggest thrill. Hence, it can’t become a source of frustration. It’s true that finding the perfect dress on the island can be a handicap given you can’t find all of the signature dresses. However, there’s many shops that work with almost all the “main” wedding dress signatures. You can order your ideal dress once you’ve chosen it, and even mould it to add an Ibizan touch.

5. The photo session

Ibiza is a natural paradise. Any corner is perfect for your photo session. Photographers usually do between two or three sessions: the pre-wedding, in order to loosen up in front of the camera, the actual wedding and the post-wedding. Many couples choose the narrow alleys and corners of Dalt Vila to add to their wedding album. Other fascinating places for these sessions are: the wonderful surroundings of Es Vedrá, Benirrás’ sunsets, any lonely cove… You choose! Smile!

6. In Ibiza you must dance

We’re in Ibiza, the cradle of clubbers worldwide, and the music must be up to the par. In Ibiza we boast of having excellent DJ’s of international stature. What’s better than choosing the DJ that plays the music you fancy the most if you celebrate your wedding on the island. Get in touch with them, they’ll be happy to be part of your day!

7. The importance of decoration

Decorating a wedding is essential; you always have to choose the theme or colours so that everything is in tune: an example, making the wedding’s theme the sea. Each guest table can have the name of an Ibizan beach. Following with this theme, the bride’s bouquet or the centerpieces should have certain marine touches. A bouquet with flowers, starfishes, seashells… Let your imagination run free!

8. A religious or a civil wedding?

If you’re marrying by the Church, there’s not much more to add other than you should book a date in your Ibizan temple of choice and enjoy your dream wedding. Nonetheless, if you choose to have a civil wedding, despite the official wedding taking place at the City Hall, you can “officiate” your own wedding at the beach, at the restaurant where you celebrate the banquet, or ask for someone who’s close to you to do it…

Who said that, in Ibiza, we couldn’t fulfill the dreams we’ve all seen in the most romantic of American films? Happy wedding day, we’re waiting for you to celebrate!