Plan for September in Ibiza: excursion around the island by boat

September arrives and with it, the returns to school and reality… But don’t let it get you over the routine; from Aquabus Ferry Boats we have some good news: you can still enjoy an incredible plan for the island of Ibiza and, of course, at the best price! Do you want to join us? In this post we tell you what a excursion bordering the island of Ibiza is like. It is the ideal experience if you have come for a few days but want to squeeze the time to the maximum. Ready to sail? We sail!

What are you going to see on this trip?

The excursion to the island of Ibiza consists of a full day crossing, bordering the entire coast of the island of Ibiza. But don’t worry if you’re one of those who gets dizzy; we won’t be sailing all day. During the trip we will make a series of stops. This way, you will be able to make the most of each of the places we pass through. The stops are:

First stop: Tagomago Island

A practically virgin enclave that will remind you of the beaches of the Caribbean. In this rest you will be able to take a bath in its crystalline waters.

Second stop: Dalt Vila

Of course. The historic centre of Ibiza Town becomes a must of your trip, no matter what days you come, you won’t be able to leave without strolling through its narrow whitewashed streets. This stop takes about an hour.

Third stop and last stop before the end: Islote de Es Vedrá

One of the most fascinating places on the island. You will be able to contemplate its beauty and take another bath. Perfect for hot days!

What are the advantages of this tour?

Not only can you see the spectacular sunset at sea, but if you choose to travel the island with Aquabus Ferry Boats we include a picnic service and drinks throughout the journey.

Don’t miss out on diving! We also provide snorkelling equipment. The crew aboard Aquabus Ferry Boats are fully prepared and competent for each and every need. Don’t hesitate to ask when you have a question, problem or suggestion – they are there for you!

Once you’ve toured the island of Ibiza, what do we recommend?

Travel on our ferry to Formentera. A must for your holidays. Formentera is the little sister of Ibiza, an island with white sand and turquoise waters that leaves no one indifferent.

But remember, this post is still a recommendation, a piece of advice… The ideal is that you then choose the excursion or route that you like best and best suits your preferences.

Are you looking forward to more? Check out our website. There you can check all the activities we offer, schedules, routes and contact us via email, Facebook, Google or Twitter. Now yes, September is not an excuse! All aboard!