San Miguel de Balansat Ibiza

Escape to San Miguel de Balansat, Ibiza

Are you looking forward to discovering the island’s historic corners? Travel to San Miguel de Balansat, a strategically located place in the municipality of San Juan de Labritja. It is a fortified settlement with a valley where you’ll be able to enjoy the most spectacular views. Do you want to know more? We’ll tell you everything in this post!

Historically, San Miguel de Balansat receives its name from the mount that dominated San Miguel valley. This was created as a decisive place to opt for the most suitable possibilities for controlling and defending the habitat. The settlement has been under the domination of many different groups through the passing of time: vandals, the Byzantines, the Visigoths… all took control over it in the beginning. Afterwards, basically all of its population converted to Islam, entailing that its “surname” Balansat is in fact a heritage of one of the most important Mozarabic families of those times. Finally, it was the Christians who took control over this place and, from the 17th century, it is known as the emblematic neighbourhood of San Juan de Labritja.

It’s located north of the island; at a height of 134 metres and with approximately 6,000 inhabitants. San Miguel de Balansat lies near a mountainous area known as “Els Amunts”. It’s located a 25 kilometre distance from Ibiza town. It is the ideal place for hiking and other types of active tourism. Are you ready?

What can you see in San Miguel de Balansat?

● San Miguel Church, on the top of the “Puig de Missa” hill, a place chosen by more than one famous person for their wedding.
● Its three urban centres:
○ Pla Roig: the place of celebration of traditional Thursdays.
○ Sant Miquel: the historic centre of the small municipality.
○ Port de San Miquel: a bay that opens on the Mediterranean, known for being one of the best places to eat in the whole of Ibiza.
● The statue of the poet Marià Villangómez i Llobet, known for its beautiful views of the valley.

How to get there?

We recommend you get there by car, given that it’s a small town and public transport doesn’t have a very regular schedule. Don’t worry about parking, you’ll be able to find a spot without any problem.

San Miguel de Balansat is an ideal plan for spending a day of rural tourism on the Ibizan island. Whether this is with your partner or family, it’s a different alternative to the typical beach tourism. As we’ve said, given that it’s located north of the island, it can be the perfect destination for eating and recovering your strength after a morning at the beach in any of the famous coves: Cove Comte, Cove D’Hort, Cove Vadella, Cove Gració…

If you want to plan your trip to the fullest, we suggest you read our post concerning the town of San Juan de Labrtija. It’ll definitely help you to plan your escape. And, also, given that the area of San Miguel de Balansat is perfect for active tourism, we also advise you read our post about “green tourism in Ibiza”. Both of these will make you want to discover much more than the typical Ibizan beach days.

Visit San Miguel de Balansat, a magical and unknown place!