Es Canaret, Ibiza’s unknown cove

Es Canaret is a secluded beach north of Ibiza. It’s located in the municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja, in the area of Portinatx. It’s a cove of sand and gravel, 60 metres long and 10 metres wide, located 6 kilometres from the island’s smallest village, Sant Joan. It stands out for the transparency of its turquoise waters, the tranquility of its coats and peculiar access. Some time ago, this paradisiacal lost cove was impossible to access given you could only enter through a private house with a tower, located next to its shore. Recently, the owners have facilitated a path so that bathers can easily reach its shore.

Es Canaret’s seabed has a great biodiversity. It is a combination of a rocky and sandy bottom where you’ll be able to find a wide variety of fish species, and the Posidonia meadows which are so characteristic of Ibiza. There’s no doubt that you’ll have to pack your diving glasses in your bag when you head to this emblematic cove.

Outsides, there are some boathouses that have become one of the favourite places to rest in Es Canaret. However, it doesn’t have umbrellas, nor hammocks or other facilities; but, deep down, there lies its essence in staying an unspoilt beach. This beach is an idyllic place that is definitely worth discovering. It doesn’t appear on guides nor maps, which makes it unknown even for locals.

Unfortunately, this corner of the island was very affected by the fire that devastated a large part of Benirrás coast. Before the fire, the whole area of Es Canaret was surrounded by a lush pine forest that is being reconstructed little by little. There is an interesting monument on the path that leads to the cove which recalls the consequences of the fire that took place in this part of the Ibizan forest.

As a curiosity, it should be noted that the islet located in Es Canaret was used for many years as a farmyard. The owner and farmer of these lands in Es Canaret had his allotment in this location, and has know built a large mansion there.

How to get to Es Canaret?

In order to access this beach from Sant Joan, you have to take the road from Portinatx. Two kilometres later, following a sharp curve, is located on the right Casa Vilda Marge. You’ll have to take the paved path located on the left, in front of the establishment. Afterwards, continue on this road. Then, take the road n the right before arriving to Cala Xarraca and turn on the third dirt road that you’ll find on your left, the one that takes you to Es Caló de s’Illa. This route has a hiking route post indicated with a red stripe. This path is totally signaled until you reach the coast. Follow it until the end of the road which leads you to the boathouses located on the shore. Congratulations, you’ve arrived!

The difficult access by land which characterises this cove has made reaching the beach by sailing an attractive option. Check Aquabus for our routes and consider traveling to Es Canaret on board one of our incredible ferries.