turismo verde Ibiza

Discover green tourism in Ibiza

Are you a nature lover? Do you live in Ibiza or have you chosen this place as your holiday destination? In this post we’re going to explain why Ibiza is the perfect place to practice green tourism.

The island hides numerous places with spectacular views; filled to the brim with lively greenery. More and more tourists are boarding the Aquabus boats and asking us for advice about how to do “green tourism” in Ibiza. This is why we suggest two alternatives for this: cycling and hiking. Which one do you choose?

Ibiza has many places for practicing these two modalities. That being said, we also warn you that Ibiza consists of steep and complex lands. They’re only suitable for the most daring. Both cycling and hiking are the perfect option for getting to know Ibiza’s vegetation, wildlife, views and natural beauty. In the Consell de Eivissa you’ll find information concerning the great collection of consolidated routes.

Depending on your location and the level of difficulty you’re looking for, you’ll be able to choose between all the routes. We suggest our post about outdoor activities in Ibiza, where we outline the most important ones. There you can also find other activities such as diving, or cliff diving.

However, we anticipate that one of the most doable routes is the one that connects the legendary Platja d’en Bossa with Sa Sal Rossa’s defense tower and the natural park of Ses Salines. It consists of flat paths that are spread across the Ibizan coast, suitable for cycling and hiking for all audiences. The small municipalities of Santa Gertrudis and Sant Mateu also possess a great number of trails with slight gradients. Don’t fear and venture out!

But… if you’re amongst the most daring, there exist perfect mounts for the most adventurous spirits, such as Sa Talaia de Sant Josep: the island’s highest peak; or the mountains of Sant Vicent de Sa Cala, a beautiful unspoilt area not recommended for those who are afraid of heights.

Traveling to Ibiza also demands getting to know Formentera. From Aquabus, we suggest our low cost ferries. Formentera is perfect for going all over it by foot or on a bike. Given its flat land, the Formentera Council has established 32 green routes. These are passages that run through some of the island’s most picturesque places, and allow you to discover all of the native flora and fauna.

There’re more and more supporters of green tourism. Whether its on foot or on a bike, practicing this sport can become the perfect alternative for your vacation in Ibiza. Nowadays it’s crucial to take care of our surroundings. Nature is our lung and the support of our world. From AQUABUS we recommend you make the most out of these on the island. Choose the trail that suits your preferences best, and soak in the most unspoilt and natural Ibiza. Leave your routine behind, escape the city, put on your sport shoes and practice green tourism!