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Celebrate the LGBT party in Ibiza

The island of Ibiza is the perfect place to let loose, enjoying the purest freedom and doing whatever it is that you really want to do. Millions of tourists choose it each year as their ideal vacation destination. Always with a warm welcome. Its great variety of exotic beaches, its cosmopolitanism and nightlife are characterised by their eclecticism, spontaneity, extravagance… This makes it the ideal place for celebrating the LGTB party. Whoever you love, and however you are, Ibiza is the place for you. Live a Pride filled with magic in one of the Mediterranean Sea’s paradises.

Surely, when you hear about this celebration the outlandish floats filled with fabulous drag queens, muscular men and multicoloured ornaments, and many other things, come to mind. You’re right given that this party is a real show. But it’s certainly not limited to that. In the “Gay Parade” of Ibiza town, better know as the “Great March for LGBT rights”, tons of people gather together to defend their rights, proving that the island is tolerant, solidary, and a place that strives for diversity and respect.

The pride party lasts around four days. During these days, Ibiza lights up with colour, life, plurality, and especially love, a lot of love. During this weekend an endless number of events take place, attracting people from all over the world: boat parties, “gay” cinema nights, live shows… Moreover, every year it’s visited by a great variety of artists. Hence, this 2018, among many other top artists, the lesbian painter “La Rouge”, famous for her paintings that reflect women’s fantasies, celebrated gay pride in Ibiza.

From this post, we recommend you visit the webpage Ibizagaypride.eu, where you’ll be able to find the event program, get information about the artists who’ve been invited, keep up to date with the news and… plan your pride party to make the most of it!

Don’t hesitate to fight for what you love, don’t let anyone undermine your right to choose who you fall in love with or who you want to enjoy your sexual life with. In Ibiza, gay pride is celebrate to fight for sexual equality and respect. It consists of a protest festival that holds tolerance and fun as its main flag. The island, magical all year round, dyes itself in rainbow colours to receive anyone who is willing to enjoy / love / feel, whatever condition they may be, to give the LGBT community a voice and to enjoy an unforgettable 4 days.

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Ibiza awaits impatiently to fill up with love!