A hot-air balloon ride in Ibiza: a trip through the heights!

If Ibiza is already a fascinating island by foot, imagine how extraordinary it’d be to fly over it. There are plenty of ways of discovering the island, but a ride aboard a hot-air balloon is seriously impressive. You’ll be able to see the countless coves of turquoise water from the sky, its forests and natural landscapes, see Es Vedrà, the Dalt Vila wall, even the fantastic island of Formentera… Do you really still fear heights?

A hot-air balloon trip is a very original gift to go all out! This activity always takes place first thing in the morning, before the sun rises completely given that the temperature is slightly cooler and it’s not excessively hot. This way, the air is more stable. You’ll have to get up early but we assure you it’s worth it. The ride takes around three hours. In first place, we verify that all the elements are okay and ready to go, then, the fan and burner inflate the balloon so it begins to ascend in a smooth and slow manner. Slowly, you’ll rise up in the air in order to visualise Ibiza from a bird’s point of view.
Forget your vertigo!

Multiple companies offer excursion packs of hot-air balloon rides that include the pick-up at the hotel or meeting point. Check out the wide range of offers on the island and pick whichever suits your preferences best. If to reach the meeting point you decide to go by your own means, try to arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes in advance so you’re not left behind!

Suggestions for your balloon flight

For your hot-air balloon trip, it’s preferable that you wear comfy shoes and clothes, sunglasses or a cap, or even both. For safety reasons, as you can imagine, you won’t be allowed on board if you’re in poor health or intoxicated. Also, this trip isn’t recommended for children below the age of 6 or pregnant women.

Ibiza from the air

Experience this floating sensation as if you were walking on the clouds. Discover Ibiza at its best, observe and enjoy it from a different panoramic perspective. Have you been left wanting more? There are many other plans and activities for you: if after flying you’re looking forward to stepping on firm ground, you can try out any of our hiking routes the island has to offer, even with a mountain bike. If you’re looking to sail the Mediterranean sea, we suggest a trip to Formentera aboard our boats and ferries, a unique way of discovering the island. And, if you’re really not scared of heights at all and the hot-air balloon ride wasn’t enough for you, we offer you: paragliding flights; as well as parascending, a new modality that combines the possibility of flying with a parachute but hooked to a motorboat that glides over the water; helicopter rides and… For the most daring, bungee jumping!

Do you dare? It’s time to fly!